Rare Daruma earings

This [massive!] Daruma is 18 cm. With earrings!


Bodhidharma (Daruma in Japanese) was a Persian Buddhist monk from India, and founder of Zen Buddhism in Japan.


There are 73 photos of the iconography of Bodhidharma in Japan, and in 37 of them, he wears earrings!

Perhaps the circle of Zen symbolism is also represented in his round earrings.


Daruma finds its origin in the temple of Daruma (Shorinzan), in the city of Takasaki in the prefecture of Gunma (north of Tokyo). They were protective amulets for the New Year and the face is inspired by that of Bodhidharma.


According to legend, he meditated until reaching enlightenment, and thus spent nine years in a sitting position, without moving and without closing his eyes. He lost the use of his limbs. This is why the Daruma is represented with open eyes, without arms or legs.

It represents a bearded man and is mostly painted red with large eyes topped with bushy eyebrows. The expression of the daruma, with its two large open eyes, embodies the struggle, determination and perseverance of the monk Bodhidharma.

Daruma is therefore a symbol of perseverance and good fortune in the Japanese tradition.

It perfectly embodies the Japanese proverb which says “fall seven times, get up eight times”.


Signed by the craftsman on the body; making it a unique piece.

Sticker on the base which indicates that it comes from the city of Inami, in the prefecture of Toyama in Japan.


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