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The kokeshi dolls (do not confound with Kimmidolls made in Australia), are wooden Japanese dolls created 150 years ago (towards the end of the Edo period), by woodworkers in northern Honshu (the most large island of Japan), in the area of Tohoku.


Their manufacture is artisanal. The kokeshi are painted and decorated with flowers or other motifs, then covered with lacquer. In order to create a kokeshi doll, the wood must be dried for 1 to 5 years, so that it is suitable for sculpture.

At the beginning of their creation, these dolls representing little girls were toys for peasant's children or souvenirs for tourists. These traditional Japanese dolls have a round head and a cylindrical body.


Kokeshi dolls are tenderness. These pretty Japanese wooden dolls are offered, in the Japanese tradition, to declare  friendship or love to the person who receives it.