RARE & MASSIVE Kokeshi by Miyashita Hajime

Miyashita Hajime has retired, and no longer produces kokeshis to this day!



Top of the range piece for this large Kokeshi Sosaku (creative style), massive, 28 cm (11") in unusual shape (daruma shape).


Excellent condition !


A real sculpture engraved in the mass of wood.


The craftsman, who often drew inspiration from the seasons to paint his Kokeshis, chose spring AND fall here!


We then marvel at these cherry blossoms so well represented (spring flowers) which decorate the pretty kimono with orange tones of this young lady.


The special thing here is that spring clearly contrasts with autumn!


Some cherry blossoms have been pyrographed and then painted on the edges only for more subtlety, and others have been left as is, abstract art style. Close to impressionism, the purpose of this Art is to create "an impression" in order to disturb the eye of the spectator by creating a sensation. There is therefore an interest here for the reaction.


Also, we do not remain indifferent when seeing this work of art.


The Kimono is perfectly represented with clear and precise lines.


Effect of "texture" with a pyrography technique specific to the craftsman, on one of the sleeves of the kimono and the bottom of the kimono.

To the touch, you can feel the grain of the wood, really pleasant, soft, providing a "warm" Kokeshi feel.


Hair just suggested, because the wood grain almost in relief does everything else! The black color having been chosen to give more character to the room.

Her face, meanwhile, is angelic. The eyes are closed, the little mouth barely open, as if a sound came out, and the cheeks are pink; a kokeshi in great shape so with many years ahead of her!



Seal of craftsman Miyashita Hajime, borned in 1940 in Yonewaza in Yamagata prefecture.


Towards the end of the 1950s, he studied the making of traditional Yamagata Kokeshis with Master Kobayashi Kichitaro.

 He has won numerous awards, the highest of which is the Prime Minister Award.


The Japanese imperial couple, Naruhito and Masako, bought and collect their kokeshis. A reference to take into consideration for Kokeshis collectors!


His workshop was located in Maebashi, Gunma prefecture, but after a fire in 2006, Miyashita Hajime retired, and no longer produces kokeshis to this day.

Miyashita Hajime was known for his seasonal themes. He therefore painted Kokeshis in the colors of the different seasons of the year, but also Kabuki dancers, Lion dance characters, or newlyweds in traditional wedding attire.


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